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GEM Achievements

  1. Our new facility:
    Our greatest achievement this year is that with the support of many, our church now has its own land and building.
  2. A growing church attendance:
    We have seen an increase in our church attendance especially during breaks from school when many youths have come to the Lord. Amazingly, many are coming from the Muslim religion. We praise God for all the souls we have touched.
  3. GEM kids school sponsorship program:
    With the support of the saints, we help kids with their school fees, buy scholastic materials, and even contribute to the feeding and housing of some. We are helping kids as young as four and up to fifteen years and older.
    You can sponsor one of our young people's school fees with a donation of $50 a month, or $450 for the 9-month school year. Please write to Pastor Henry for details on how you can help. Some of our kids come from Muslim families. When they gave their lives to Christ, they were told to leave their homes. Having no other place to live, many of them now sleep at our church.
  4. A new branch started:
    GEM now has a new branch church in a town called Kasawo. We believe God will touch many lives in that part of our nation. We are working towards helping the saints get a shelter for worship as the current place is in a very sorry state.