It's an interesting dilemma. As a charitable nonprofit organization, Workers Together With Him exists to help others. But in order to do our charitable work, we require that charity be extended towards us as well! The only way Workers Together With Him can "make the gospel of Christ without charge" (1 Cor. 9:18) is when our ministry expenses are covered. That is the purpose of the tithes and offerings we receive.

Even in this day of electronic everything, you may still prefer to send a check through the postal system (US Funds, please). Our mailing address is:

Workers Together With Him
1555 Marilyn Drive S
Baton Rouge, LA USA 70815

A different method is to use the "bill payment" option in your online checking account. You choose whether your donation will be a one-time payment or continual. Your bank generates and sends a check to our address, saving you the cost of postage.

A third option is to use PayPal. This is the most expensive choice because PayPal charges a substantial fee for its services (the fee is deducted from the donation). However, the process is very easy. Press the button below to access our account. NOTE: If you transfer funds from your own PayPal account, no fees will be accessed.


Your charity is GREATLY appreciated!


Workers Together With Him was incorporated in the United States of America on September 28, 1999 as a 501(c) non-profit organization.