The eV&B Bulletin

the eV&B bulletinThe eV&B Bulletin is a supplement to The Vine and Branches newsletter, an expanding weblog written by Tim Sullivan. Mission reports from our latest or upcoming missionary trips, prayer requests, and other items of ministry interest are found here. The eV&B Bulletin is distributed by e-mail to everyone on our contact list and archived on this page.

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22 November 2010:
Reflections on our Mission to Tanzania

2 November 2010:
On the Eve of our Mission to Tanzania

15 October 2010:
Reflections on the Kitale mission

23 August 2010:
Back to Kenya, and other news

09 August 2010:
Get Out the Prayer!

20 April 2010:
Between the Ascension and the Day of Pentecost

17 February 2010:
Reflections on Ash Wednesday

08 January 2010:
A letter of thanks to our supporters

22 December 2009:
As unto a light that shineth in a dark place

28 September 2009:
The 10th Anniversary of WTWH

26 August 2009:
My Mission to Ireland

21 July 2009:
On the Road to Ardmore

25 June 2009:
WTWH Mission Videos

23 April 2009:
My Kenya Mission Report

23 March 2009:
On Route to Kenya

04 February 2009:
Tanzania Mission Report

07 January 2009:
The Ordination of David Mantock

06 November 2008:
Finding Treasure in England

21 October 2008:
A Supplement to The Vine and Branches


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