The Lord's House Should Be Built

Presented by Rev. Evan Pyle

“How can I discover what God wants me to do?”

I am often asked variations of this question by saints sincerely desiring to walk for God. They know that God has a plan for them but do not know how to know God’s specific will for them. The answer can only be understood in the context of God’s will for his Church. Only when we function as “members in particular” of the body of Christ does our path begin to open before us.


PHOTO: Evan teaching his seminar in Matebete Village, Tanzania

This body of teaching begins with how the Church is built on the Rock, our solid foundation; Christians as living stones, not made with human hands and fitly joined together by the Holy Spirit. The result is that, together we grow unto an holy temple of the Lord. The significance of holy communion is re-examined. Finally, the church is called to action as true builders in which the question of discovering our place in the church is answered.

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