By Christine Pyle

(Age 15)


Having trouble reading the Bible? Be encouraged! The treasures of God’s Word can be opened to the eyes of any person who diligently seeks the truth.

In preparation, sit or kneel with a Bible in hand. Before beginning anything, however, it is important to realize that nothing any person says can be a complete and infallible guide to Bible study; only God himself can open his book to his children in truth. Therefore, ask God’s guidance and wisdom in the reading of his Word. Also, Ask him what passage to read out of the Bible’s vast store of wise words. Perhaps, using a concordance, open the Scriptures to the desired place, or to a Bible study assignment.

Next, thank God for his Word and again ask for understanding. Then begin reading, preferably aloud. Meditate on each verse, but also look for the full meaning of the passage. While reading, continue to pray and commune with God. As one humbly opens himself to God, the Holy Spirit instructs his heart about God and the will of God. Then, deepened understanding and clearer vision to see God’s love and grace should evoke emotions of thanksgiving and humility. When this occurs, give voice to awakened love for God in praise of him! Joy and opened spiritual ears many times result when a person gives himself to worship of the King. Also, confessing sins and repenting before God frees the believer to adore the Lord more and give himself fully. Finally, continue in earnest prayer, humble meditation, and loving praise. Thus, the person who diligently seeks God’s truth in his Word will certainly find it.


This message was originally presented in the Vine & Branches newsletter