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September 27, 2012:

The time is drawing near for my departure to Tanzania, my second mission with the Maasai in 2012. I will be flying out of Baton Rouge airport on Saturday morning to meet Daniel Bucher in Amsterdam, and together we will fly to Dar es Salaam. After that, a 12-hour bus trip will bring us to Chimala, the closest town to Matebete Village. As always, your prayers for this mission are both greatly desired and appreciated.

The summer of 2012 has come and gone since I wrote the last entry to this blog. For me, this was the summer of Psalms, as I devoted the greater part of the spring and summer to first studying the 150 psalms that comprise the Book of Psalms, and then developing a short seminar on how they all fit together. I titled my seminar "Mapping the Psalms" and I enjoyed teaching it three times in August and September, twice here in Louisiana – in Baton Rouge and in Ponchatoula – and then in England.

Psalm 119:162 says, "I rejoice at thy word, as one that findeth great spoil." For me, studying the Bible is as exciting as digging up buried treasure. Yes, there is a little bit of work involved, but the "payoff" is well worth our trouble. I hope my seminar conveyed that message to the people who attended. It is not only WHAT God says, but just as often HOW he says it that is so thrilling to my soul.

My presentations in Louisiana were conducted at the homes of Jay and Jerelyn Pearson in Baton Rouge, and John and Ellen Wilson in Ponchatoula. Thanks to both these couples for their hospitality. Steve Monahan was chiefly responsible for organizing the second class and I want to thank him for that.

My time in England was very memorable. My seminar was part of a weekend retreat in the Forest of Dean in Oxfordshire, a place so beautiful that it inspired J. R. Tolkien's vision of "middle earth." Organizing this event was truly a labor of love on the part of Aine Lucas, with help from her husband, Jerome and others. It was a great blessing for me to spend time with people I love and admire, good friends of many years. To present the Word of God amidst such people and surroundings was truly a joy. Many, many thanks to all who took part.

Here are some photographs from that weekend.



The upcoming mission in Matebete Village should be an grand occasion as well. I will be teaching my class "In the Power of His Might." We will have some very special participants from other Maasai villages, including Mwanvala, Iwalanji, Mahango, Imogero, Mabadaga, and Luhanga. These guests are just some of the fruit from the Maasai-to-Maasai missions of ITO (WTWH-TZ). I think you'll find Evelyn Kaney's report on the latest ITO mission to Mahango very outstanding.

Also joining us will be two Maasai men from Kenya, Samwel Naikada and Daniel Ole Samperu. Brother Naikada contacted me after he discovered the wtwh.org website, and now he will be the chief interpreter for this class. I marvel at this, because God knew that due to certain developments that have occurred since our last mission to Matebete, we now had need of an interpreter. Truly the Lord will supply all our needs when our cause is united with his.

Daniel and I will leave Tanzania on the evening of Thursday 11 October and be home the next day. Once again, your prayers for our success are both greatly desired and appreciated.



I'm very pleased to tell you that under the supervision of Rev. John Robert Opio of Christian Life Training International, my books are being translated into Ateso, a chief language of Uganda. The work is being done by Obore Patrick, a first year student in Covenant Bible Institute of Theology, and Omoding Bismac, a church leader of Faith Fellowship Church. In fact, the translations of The Principles of the Doctrine of Christ, and If Ye Do These Things, Ye Shall Never Fall have already been completed, and John is currently shopping for a publisher.

Here is Rev. Opio's preliminary foreword to If Ye Do These Things, Ye Shall Never Fall:

As the author pointed out in his book "The Principles of the Doctrine of Christ", if the foundation of our faith is weak, or ignored, Christian teaching becomes distorted. Due to lack of true teaching of God's Word, false teachings are brought forth repeatedly as "new discoveries" or "new revelations" by the heretics. The great truths of the Bible are neglected, and those who live and labor in the true Gospel of Christ are despised as if they achieve very little.
The life of the follower of Christ is that of continuous learning, and learning from the Word of God. When we learn then we add to our lives values of eternal treasures.
In this book, Rev. Tim has poured the stores of his knowledge of God's Word he has gained during a lifetime of devotion to prepare God's servants for the work of the ministry. He presents eight Biblical truths that are the pillars to Christian Service to God. I call this excellent! because it is the work done by an excellent Bible teacher.

Rev. Dr. John Robert Opio
Christian Life Teachings International Ministries

God willing, and should the Lord tarry, I am very much looking forward to continuing my work with Rev. Opio in 2013. We expect to conduct seminars together both in Kenya and in Uganda next year.



The last thing I want to mention in this blog is something very personal and quite astounding to me. A few weeks ago, I purchased my first computer tablet, a Nexus 7, which I am finding very useful. The tablet came preloaded with Google Earth, a program I like very much. I enjoy looking at places I have lived or visited. I scrolled over to Mililani Town, on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, which was my home from the summer of 1970 until I graduated from high school in 1975. I was surprised to see a special tag over the house (95-500 Hokuula Loop), identifying it as the office of Calvary Chapel Central of Oahu. Yes, my childhood home is now a church home! I contacted them through the e-mail provided, introducing myself and explaining that my parents were the first owners of that house. Of course I also wrote about WTWH. I also attached a photo taken by my mother in the summer of 1974, when my father and I, with the help of my uncle Jim, built a massive two-story addition to that house. That's my uncle in the yellow shirt, my dad in the blue jeans and me in the red tank-top. Believe me, the boy in that photo had no more notion than did that house that either one of us would later be involved in the Lord's work!

Tim's home in Hawaii

I was delighted to hear back from Calvary Chapel Central, and I was assured that they too will be praying for this upcoming mission. I don't know how to articulate my amazement over this discovery except to say, "O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!" (Romans 11:33). Amen, and Amen!

Thank you very much for your interest and support.

In the service of His Majesty, the King of kings,




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