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September 9, 2014

tims blogMy upcoming mission to Melela Village, Tanzania

My new book, The Prosperity of the Lord's Servant

My books and ebooks on Lulu.com

Evan Pyle teaching in Bern, Switzerland

Weekend teaching in Lansing, Michigan

November mission planned for Mbale, Uganda



My upcoming mission to Melela Village

I wrote in my June report, "I expect to go on two more missions to Africa this year, one in Melela Village in Tanzania, and the other in Mbale, Uganda. I will keep you posted." At the time, those plans seemed so far off. Now they are just hours away, and tomorrow I will start my journey to Africa where I will be teaching in the Maasai village of Melela from 13 to 17 September, Saturday to Wednesday. Your prayers for this event would be greatly appreciated.

I return to Melela at the invitation of Pastor Joseph Sepuke, whom I met on my mission to Tanzania in May, or should I say, met again. He was in Melela when I taught a class there in 2006; David Mantock from Switzerland, and Henry Musana and Joshua Wamala from Uganda all joined me on that trip. Joseph told me again and again that it was very needful for me to teach in Melela again. You could almost say he would not accept No for an answer. I wonder if he's been reading the parable of the persistent widow in Luke 18!

For the last several years my ministry among the Maasai of Tanzania has been focused in Matebete Village. That village remains the centerpiece of my work, and several of the church elders from Matebete will be joining me in Melela.

My new book, The Prosperity of the Lord's Servant

I've told you before that I don't schedule overseas missions in the summer high season because airfare is so much more expensive at that time. I am happy to use those stretches at home to finish up my projects. This summer was no exception, and my newest book, The Prosperity of the Lord's Servant, is now complete and ready for distribution. The teachings in this book examine money and its proper place in a believer's life. I know the scriptural truths found in this book will help any Christian with an honest heart who wants to prosper according to the Word of God.

My books and e-books at Lulu.com

One of the other things I wanted to accomplish this summer was to reformat all my manuscripts into e-books so they could be distributed through the internet and read on laptops, smartphones, and other electronic reading devices. My books The Principle of the Doctrine of Christ, In the Power of His Might, and If Ye Do These Things, Ye Shall Never Fall are now online at Lulu.com in the formats of various e-readers. These e-books are completely free of charge. For now, Mapping the Psalms, The Prosperity of the Lord's Servant, and Kanuni Za Mafundisho Ya Kristo (the Swahili translation of The Principles of the Doctrine of Christ) are available in print only. I have authorized Lulu.com to give a generous discount on these books. Here is a link to my books on Lulu.com.

Proofreading is near completion on the Spanish version of The Principles of the Doctrine of Christ. My wife, Nelly, wrote this translation. We hope to have this book ready for distribution within a few months. Along with the original work in English, Beatrice Mantock's version in German, and Reverend George Oripu's translation into Swahili, this teaching will soon be available in four languages.

Evan Pyle teaching in Bern, Switzerland

Reverend Evan Pyle and his wife Nancy will be in Switzerland at the end of September where Evan will present his seminar, "Learn of Me" at the International Church of Bern. I am delighted that more and more people are getting the benefit of Evan's ministry. The International Church of Bern is pastored by Reverend David Mantock, a longtime friend and supporter of Workers Together With Him.

Tim in Lansing, Michigan

I am very excited to announce that, God willing, I will be teaching in Lansing, Michigan, on the weekend of 10 to 12 October. I will be presenting "The Week of Millenniums," and selections from my other seminars and sermons. If you are considering attending, please write my friend, Dr. Shawnee Vickery to let her know. We will make sure you get the latest information on the venue.

November mission planned for Mbale, Uganda

I still plan to return to Uganda in November to present my Ministers' Training Series in the outskirts of Mbale. My friend Reverend Henry Musana is helping to organize this event. Please join us in prayer that the doors to Africa will remain open despite all the troubles that are currently brewing in this world.


This month Workers Together With Him celebrates its 15th anniversary. Some of you reading this blog have been with me since the very beginning of this adventure. You cannot imagine the gratitude I feel towards God for you. Thanks again for your interest, love, and support.

In the service of His Majesty, the King of kings,


P. S.
If you haven't seen in already, please read this newspaper account of a water baptism service in Swansea, Wales, led by our friend Reverend Carl Roberts.


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