Teaching in Nepal, 10 to 21 September 2018

September 6, 2018Tim in 1977

I am leaving in a few hours for my first international trip of 2018. I will be teaching at the Nepal Presbyterian Bible College in Kathmandu from September 10 to 21. And so, before I go, I wanted to solicit your prayers for the success of this mission, and express my special gratitude to you who helped finance this trip.

This September marks the 19th anniversary of “Workers Together With Him.” I don’t know what is more stunning to me – that it lasted this long, or that the years have so quickly gone by. All I know is that I am deeply grateful for the opportunities that have been granted me.
In all these years, I have not added much new subject matter to my repertoire of teachings. An old friend and now-retired Methodist preacher, Rev. Ned Adams, once told me that he believes every minister has been given one message that he then proclaims in different ways. So rather than continually searching for something new to teach, I have sought to refine the message I believe I have been given to teach. The goal, of course, is that people have an encounter with Jesus, and not with me.

The Word of God is so deep and rich that I never grow tired of exploring these subjects – there is always something new and unexpected waiting around the corner.  Actually I am more intrigued by them now than I was twenty years ago. I often wish I could turn back time and start all over with my current versions of my material.

I am very excited about the lessons I am bringing to Nepal. Just last week I finished the last PowerPoint “slide” for the classes I am presenting – The Principles of the Doctrine of Christ, In the Power of His Might, and the Week of Millenniums. I think the combination of words and pictures makes the big concepts easier to grasp, and helps keep the audience’s attention as well.

Most people get paid because they work. Their wages are their compensation for their skill and time. It occurred to me lately that I get paid so that I can work. I am able to devote myself to studying and preparing my lessons, and then go on these teaching missions because of the Lord’s oversight of my life, and because of the people he convinces to support me. (I think God undoubtedly inspires more people than he convinces, and not just concerning me, and not just concerning this issue!) Somedays, yes, that number seems frighteningly few, but I am reminded of how God whittled down the number of soldiers in Gideon’s army until it was obvious that HE ALONE was responsible for the victory. There aren’t many soldiers in this “army” either, but in 19 years of teaching free classes in distant lands, I’ve never had to quit for lack of funds. That is really saying something.

I recently was informed by a longtime supporter that he’d had a change of heart and would henceforth be making his contributions elsewhere. I wrote him back thanking him for all the years he did support this work, and told him that if losing one donor was enough to shut down WTWH, then WTWH deserved to be shut down. If it ever comes to that, I will still be immeasurably grateful for all the people who helped along the way, most of them who helped for a particular season before they too moved on. I have no words to adequately thank the handful of people who stood with me since the start of this adventure.

The antichristian sentiment is growing in Nepal, and they are as determined to shut down Christianity as the Jews were in first Century Jerusalem, and the followers of Diana were in Ephesus. This makes me more intent on bringing a message that will be a lasting help to the young men and women who will be in this class, and not just a momentary diversion.

Psalm 144:1 
Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:

My longtime friend Jeff Bass of Pensacola, Florida, will be accompanying me on this mission, something that has been a desire for both of us for a long time. I hope to bring back a good report. I certainly intend to put forth my best effort.

Again, thank you for your help both tangible and spiritual. And “upon every remembrance,” please mention my wife and family in your prayers while I am away.

In the service of His Majesty, the King of kings,