Letter of Thanks to the Supporters of WTWH

January 8, 2020

tims blogExpressing my gratitude for the supporters of Workers Together With Him is not something I reserve for the annual letter that accompanies the receipts of donation. I probably run the risk of overstating that fact. But here we are at the beginning of a new calendar year when I send out the WTWH donation receipts. This year I have special reason for good cheer as this is the twentieth occasion I’ve needed to write such a letter. A few of the people reading this (nine to be exact) have received all twenty letters as they have contributed to this cause without a hitch for twenty solid years! This isn’t a contest, so I will not publish any names, but God knows and hopefully, they do, too. Thank you very, very much!

I am, of course, grateful to everyone who donates to WTWH. I have a calling to teach the Scriptures that I cannot achieve without the help of others. I don’t mean that I need a company of advisors, or anyone to keep me motivated. I am (mostly) aware of the drumbeat to which I should be marching. But the thing that I’ve most needed – and the thing that God has supplied through you – is time. Time to study and time to prepare lessons. If I am a good teacher, it is only because of the work I’ve done in preparation to teach. In many ways, the success or failure of my missions is determined even before I get on the plane.

The only wisdom that I have worth sharing is from the Bible. But the Bible is not always an easy book to understand, and it practically dares a person to jump to a premature conclusion. I try to keep myself aware of this as I study, and seek to present God (using my favorite quote from The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis), “Not to what I think thou art, but to what thou knowest thyself to be.” And so, I spend an almost ridiculous amount of time in my office, a room which in some ways has been my Pauline prison for the last twenty-odd years. A lot of days I feel like I am accomplishing absolutely nothing. Then I get a thread of an idea, and start unraveling it to see where it goes.

This is not something I could do without the expenditure of time. This time has been granted me by God through your donations to WTWH. So please, let me thank you once again, and humbly request your continued support as we head into another year. I have much work ahead of me as I prepare new lessons on the book of Psalms and the books of Timothy and Titus to teach in Nepal in March. I also plan to return to Tanzania in May. Thank you for remembering me in your prayers. May God bless you and reward you for your kindness.

In the service of His Majesty, the King of kings,



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