Prayer request from Tim for situation in Nepal

January 13, 2020

tims blogDear friends of Workers Together With Him,

Recently I sent out a letter with the 2019 donation receipts and wrote about my preparations to for teaching at the Nepal Presbyterian Theological Seminary in March. (I realize that everyone I am sending THIS letter to did not receive THAT letter, but you all qualified yourselves as “friends of Workers Together With Him” a long time ago. It is not a year-by-year appointment!)

I write seeking your prayers. On Sunday morning I received a message from the principal of NPTS. He wrote,

“Dear sir Tim, [note: this is the very lovely way Nepalese people show respect]
Please cancel your trip to Nepal this March. The Nepal Government is watching us very closely. Two days back, they had published our news in the newspaper. They have blamed us that we are converting the people.”

As I have mentioned before, Christians are permitted to congregate in Nepal, but it is ILLEGAL to convert anyone to Christ. That crime against the state is punishable by time in prison. So I do not know what will be the repercussions of the newspaper article, but as of this morning, the school is still open and he is still at liberty.

I know the powers of darkness are infuriated by the movement of the Holy Spirit in Nepal. As I said during one chapel service at the school, for centuries it has only been nature – the Himalayas and surrounding landscape – praising and glorifying to God in Nepal. Now there is a generation of born-again Christians giving praise to God, and the seeds of the gospel are sprouting throughout the land. Please pray with me that this continues, regardless of the opposition they face.

Years ago, on the day of my ordination, a very lengthy prophesy was spoken over me by the late Rev. B. G. Leonard. The frail condition of his mental faculties made the words of the Holy Spirit resound all the more: “God has made you what He has need of: A teacher who will not be afraid to go into the dark holes and into the rough places.” For many years now, I have tried to live up to that calling, counting upon my trust in God to override my instinct for self-preservation. I am not trying to be a Rambo, and whatever need I once felt to “prove myself” in the eyes of my fellow Christians has long passed. For good or bad, our work speaks for itself. But a wonderful door opened for me in Nepal that I feel like I’ve spent my life preparing to walk through. I am hopeful that this door will reopen. I know there are many other places to minister in Nepal other than NPTS, but I have a special connection there, and I don’t want to lose it. Thank you for your prayers!

In the service of His Majesty, the King of kings.



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