Workers Together With Him has been blessed with an open door to minister in some of the Maasai villages in East Tanzania. We are very grateful to God for this opportunity and for the many wonderful people we have met on our journeys.

On this page you can see and hear testimonies of the history of the Maasai village of Matebete and how Christianity was introduced. You will also find testimonies from key elders concerning Workers Together With Him.

A short history of the Maasai village of Matebete as told by Eliakimu Parakepu Kurupashi, village founder. Recorded January 2009. Translated from Kiswahili by Evelyn Paraboy.

Rev. Yohanna Ngekee (1941-2007) dedicated his life to presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to his people, the Maasai. For this he was outcast for many years, seeing the fruit of his labor only in the final years of his life. This short sharing was filmed in May 2007, at the end of a successful mission by WTWH. Thanks to Stephen Lobara and Evelyn Paraboy for the English translation.

Anna Kisota, a women's prayer group leader in Matebete, gives a brief history of the church in her village. Translated by Evelyn Paraboy.

Rev. Paulo Kurupashi of the good work being done by Workers Together With Him among his people.

WTWH-TZ President, Evangelist Patrick Kinana of the Church of Christ testifies of the good fruit of WTWH missions in Matebete.