October 31 to November 7, 1999

"Las Armas de Nuestra Milicia"
(The Weapons of Our Warfare)

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This second class was the last time I asked for a donation to attend my classes.
Pastor of Quiero Servirte church, Samwel Presa and his family
Our hotel in Mexico City
Every room had a jacuzzi.
A nice courtyard
A not-so-reassuring sign (("in case of an earthquake, remain calm")
Tim and Nelly visited Bro. Martin's church.
Praying for Martin
Others lined up for prayers as well.
Assistant Pastor Antony and his wife
Juan and his family family
Outside the church on a break
Graduation day certificates

Group Photo
A beautiful baby
Nelly and Tim at the top of the Torre Latinoamericana (the 'Latin-American Tower')

At the 'Pyramid of the Moon' at Teotihuacan.
The view from the top - and proof that we made it!