April 15 to 23, 2000

“The Weapons of Our Warfare”

Click HERE to read a testimony by Cyndi Diamond

The Weapons Of Our Warfare was presented in Portscatho, Cornwall, England.
The seminar was held inside beautiful Trewince Manor.
Jerome Lucas made all the arrangements for the seminar.
Rudi Illavský led the song service.
Rev. Tim Sullivan at the pulpit

Our lovely kitchen volunteers: Gabrielle, Maria, Andrea, and Evi.
Beatrice serves tea and coffee at the breaks. (Really! Tea and coffee ONLY!)
Tim reviews his notes; Jessica Sullivan and Margaret Duplessy get ready for class.
Jessica Sullivan
The baptism service was held in Truro
Tim was assisted by Rev. Ray Beard.

Graduation day prayers and prophecies
Class Photo
Class Photo
Everyone squeeze in tight!
Aine and Jerome Lucas on one of our evening walks after class.

Monica Fuentes and Nelly Sullivan
One last meal before heading out
Dermot Byrne, Tim, Jerome, and Michael Heron.
Some time later, at a meeting in South Harrow