July 15 to 23, 2000

"Die Waffen Unseres Kampfes"
(The Weapons of Our Warfare)

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This seminar was arranged by Alois and Regina Eggmann
Class photo in front of the Niesen mountain peak
Aesciried 2000
Inside the classroom
With Daniel Bucher
Ray and Joella Beard
The baptism of George Straub, ministered by Rev. Beard and Alois Eggmann.
The baptism of Hugo Straub
The baptism of Michael Kappeler
The baptism of Gary Kessock-Philip
The baptism of Philip Kessock-Philip
We rode the Niesenbahn funicular to the summit of the Niesen.
Busy videographers
High up in the Alps

In Olten with David Mantock and his fiancée, Beatrice Scherer

High above Walenstadt with Eva Illavský
In Bern
The Eggmanns took Tim on a series of cablecars high up into the Alps.
Inside the Piz Gloria with Alois and Regina
Our lunch was tasty as you can imagine.
Thank you, Lord, for giving me such wonderful friends and occasions!