February 9 and 10, 2002

"If Ye Do Things Ye Shall Never Fall"

'If Ye Do These Things Ye Shall Never Fall' was presented in Almere Haven.

Hans Peter and Mary Jo Debets (pictured) hosted the seminar at their home

Aine Lucas, Nelly Sullivan, and Dimitris Pelidis
Dimitris Pelidis with Meike Wetzling
Monica Fuentes
Enjoying a nice coffee
Good food always draws a crowd!
Tim and Nelly were gifted with original artwork from Ray Brandt
Andy Calpin took Tim, Nelly, and Monica on a tour of Amsterdam.
Nelly and Monica
Tim and Nelly outside the Rijksmuseum
"The Nightwatch"
Inside the museum
The floating flower market
Such a beautiful city!
Houseboats along the canal
On one of Amsterdam's 1,500 bridges