June 22 to 24, 2002

"That The Church May Receive Edifying"


June 29-30 2002

"If Ye Do These Things, Ye Shall Never Fall"

Read Steve Monahan's essay, "Four Men in A Small Car" HERE.

Watch "In the Footsteps of Paul" with English, German, and Spanish narration.

From 22-24 June, Tim presented 'That the Church May Receive Edifying' in Thassos, Greece.
Thassos is an island in the North Aegean Sea.
Rev. Dimitris Pelidis (far right) hosted the event
Rudi, Todd, Steve and Tim were on a mission to follow the footsteps of Paul.
From Thassos we took the ferry to Kavala (Neapolis in the KJV Bible)
This is the port town where St. Paul first entered Greece.
Rudi Illavsk√Ĺ standing at the church of St Nicholas memorial to St Paul.
The Macedonian Call
Paul preaching in Greece
The view from Byzantine castle above the harbor.
Tim in Kavala
Kavala is the birthplace of Mehmet Ali (Muhammad Ali Pasha), pasha of modern Egypt.
From Kavala we drove to Philippi
A baptismal at the Zygaktes River where Paul met Lydia
The location of the marketplace where Paul and Silas were beaten
The traditional location of the prison where they were held
The fields of Philippi
From Philippi we drove to Thessaloniki, the location of the new class.
On June 29 and 30, Tim taught "If Ye Do These Things, Ye Shall Never Fall".
A monument to Alexander the Great
Tim in Thessaloniki with the White Tower behind him
The White Tower
The interior stairwell
Rudi, Todd Pekel, and Steve Monahan atop the White Tower
Steve and Rudi
The view from above
From Thessaloniki we drove to Veria (Berea in the KJV)
A monument to the early Christians
A synagogue in Veria
From Veria we drove to see the magnificent monasteries of Meteora
Steve, Todd, Rudi, Zoi, and Tim
Nikos, Todd, Zoi, Steve, and Rudi
Nikos and Zoi Lemoniadis
The monasteries of Meteora

Quite a view!
From Meteora we drove down to Athens.
On the way, we saw this monument to King Leonidas of the Spartans in Thermopylae.
In Athens atop the Areopagus or Mars Hill
At the foot of Mars Hill
Rudi and Todd at the Parthenon
Tim and Steve at the Parthenon
Old stones
The Erechtheion, dedicated to Poseidon and Athena.
The Propylaea Gate

From Athens we drove to Corinth

Walking among the ruins
Our tour culminated at the Acrocorinth.
Steve at the Acrocorinth
Rudi at the Acrocorinth
A bird's eye view of Greece