July 15 to 19, 2003


With testimonies from the mission team, and the elders in Kyela and Tukuyu.

Our host, Rev. Clement Mwaitebele, Vice Chairman of Southern Province, Moravian Church TZ.
George Staub (center) met Rev. Mwaitebele in Switzerland and told him about WTWH.
Three Americans, a Swiss, and an Englishman came together for this mission.
After a night in Dar es Salaam, we began our journey to Kyela in southwestern Tanzania.
We severely overpacked!
In Kyela we stayed at the Kimako guest house.
Ready for church
We were introduced to many government and church officials.
On Sunday Tim taught at the Lutheran Church pastored by Rev. Jackson Mwakibasi (R),
with Ans Mwambepo (L) interpreting.
When services are over, an auction is held to the church.
Tim teaching at the Moravian church in Kyela with Jacob Zacharia Mwakibinga interpreting.
Class participants
We met many long-serving ministers of the Gospel
The Pastor of the Moravian Church in Kyela and his family
The Katumba Fellowship Choir
Every day we dined at the home of Jacob and Subira Mwakibinga.
Subira and her daughters
George relaxes after a meal.
In Kyela we met Henry Musana, an evangelist from Uganda.
We visited Lake Nyasa, the third largest lake in Africa.
Local fishing boats
Evan, Tim, and Steve at Lake Nyasa
Jerome and George at Lake Nyasa
Having a good time
Evan preaching at the Moravian church with Bro. Francis Swebe translating.
Kyela neighborhood children
Steve makes a new friend.
Prayer and prophecy at the end of the class.

Jerome gets a farewell gift.

We were all very appreciative.


Next stop, TUKUYU!