December 2004

"The Weapons of Our Warfare"

With reports by Tim Sullivan and Ans Mwambepo

The Seminar

Tim and Evan in Chimala waiting for our ride into Matebete Village.
Prophetic? Years after these photos were taken, a Maasai women said Evan and I
were like the donkeys who brought Jesus to the people.
The road from Chimala to Matebete soon turned into mere pathways.
Matebete Village, Tanzania, December 2004
WTWH was introduced to the Maasai by Ans Mwambepo, here with his co-workers from Tukuyu
Henry Musana from Uganda accompanied us on this mission.
We were hosted by the Lutheran Church in Matebete.
Evan assisted Tim in the teaching of The Weapons of Our Warfare class.
Some of the elders inside the Lutheran church
Greeting line after services
After some days we moved the sessions to under the village meeting tree.
The group 'Suenda in Machweo for Christ' from Tukuyu added much to the event.
Even under the tree, the men and women sit in different groups.
Prayer and prophecy at the end the class
At the closing ceremonies of the seminar
Gospel songs were sung in Maa, the language of the Maasai.

Henry joined in the dancing.

A young student, Faraja Satulo, speaks on behalf of the Lutheran mission school.
Tim and Evan received some lovely gifts.


As you can imagine, we met some amazing people!