"The Weapons of Our Warfare"

September 19 to 23, 2005

The Seminar

Reflections on the class by Beatrice Mantock

The Weapons of Our Warfare seminar was presented at The Haus der Stille und Besinnung
The empty classroom
The seminar was presented by Tim Sullivan
The event was arranged by Daniel Bucher
Our classroom
No one can lead a song like Rudi Illavsk√Ĺ!

Tresa Bucher helped translate the class into German.

Anita Konz also helped with the translation.
The baptism was officiated by Rev. Steve Monahan with David Mantock,
translated into German by Beatrice Mantock
Baptism of Doris Kraeher
Daniel with Alois Eggmann at the close of the class
Daniel with George Straub, who had the initial idea of hosting the course.
A special gift for the visiting ladies
A gift for the teacher of the course.
The appreciation was very mutual.


Daniel had arranged numerous class outings for us as well.