MABWAGELE: 21 July to 2 August 2006

With Mission Reports by Tim Sullivan and Evan Pyle


Our Mission Calendar
After landing in Dar es Salaam, we traveled by bus to Morogoro.
In Morogoro we met up with familiar faces.

We traveled by van to Mabwagele Village.
Typical problems along the way
Evan, Jay, Henry, Paulo, and Joshua of Tukuyu stayed to minister in Mabwagele.
Tim, David, Ans, and Joshua of Uganda traveled on to Parakuiyo.
Mabwagele Village, Tanzania
The village church
Pastor Hosea Y. Semigolwa with wife Matha and child
Evan teaching while Paulo interpreted for him.
Jay and Paulo
Rev. Yohanna Ole N'gekee teaching the students
He also held a baptism service
Paulo Kurupashi with the ilmorani, the young men of the warrior class.
Evan and Jay pose with two ilmorani.
'Morani' Henry and his fellows
Handsome young boys in Mabwagele

Family Portrait
Magnificent warrior
Sisters in Christ
Jay helps skin a goat.

Inside the classroom
Village woman (with Jay photobombing)
Evan with a village elder
Ladies of Suenda enjoying a break.
Closing ceremonies
Prophecies and prayers


Meanwhile, the other team was ministering in Parakuiyo.