MAY 14 to 23, 2007

The Weapons of Our Warfare class in Sokoine Village

With a testimony from Bishop Jacob Ole Mameo


Bishop Jacob Ole Mameo with Tim in Sokoine
The Lutheran church at Sokoine Village
Rev. Tim teaching with Ans Mwambepo interpreting

"Suenda in Machweo for Christ"
Class Participants
Junes, Daina, and Enna at work
What's cooking?
Beautiful children of Sokoine village

Evan and friend
Cousins Josh and Irene
Irene Lobara
Emanuel with his new baby
Coming out of Emanuel's home
With Emanuel and his mother
Tim and Daina

Evan ponders
Maybe he was still thinking about his discovery in the choo - a deadly green mamba!
Ans Mwambepo

Soyeti (L) and friends
Delivering water
Preparing a meal for the students
Outside the church
Irene and her father's younger brother.
Treetop visitor
Worth 1,000 words


From here, the mission shifted to Matebete