October 19 to 21, 2007

"Into the Land of Uprightness"

Jerelyn, Nelly, and Tim at the Baton Rouge airport
At his home in South Harrow, Jerome makes final preparations
Getting ready for the drive from Harrow
Joshua, Dimitris Pelidis, Nelly, and Jerelyn
Standlake Ranch, Home of 'Suzanne's Ministries'

Standlake is also a horse ranch.
Rev. Suzanne Pillans with Pastor Joshua from Uganda
Rev. Jerome Lucas opens the meeting
Tim helps out with the song-service
Dermot Byrne gives his testimony

Dimitris Pelidis
David and Elaine Waterhouse, ministers and caterers
Everyone enjoyed the mealtimes... you can see!
In the dining room
James and Conor
Joshua with Richard Mizen and Jerelyn
Conor and Tim
Carmel Heron and Tim
Carmel, Mary and Peter
Graeme and Sally Abernethy
Stephen and Nick sign up for Quality Street sweets (not really!)
Our cabins
WTWH Weekend at Standlake Ranch 2007
Sing-a-long at the Lucas house
Jerelyn in front of our hotel in Harrow
Tim and Nelly in Harrow where Jerome holds Sunday services.