October 24 to 26, 2008

"Where Your Treasure Is, There Will Your Heart Be Also"

Class report by Cyndi Diamond

The Seminar


Looking out the window of Aine's kitchen
Everyone met at Jerome's house for the trip from South Harrow to Avon Tyrrell.
Once again, Jerome was our faithful chauffeur.
It was about a two-hour drive from South Harrow.
A beautiful location.
Rev. Jerome Lucas organized the event and conducted the song-service.
Class Participants
Mary and Helen
Conor serves it up.
Regina and Alois
Tresa, Alois, and Regina joined us from Switzerland.

Rev Jerome Lucas
Aine Lucas
Dermot Byrne
Marissa and Cyndi
Dave and Elaine Waterhouse
Alois and Regina Eggmann
Tresa Bucher
Mary Calpin with Jaime and Shawna
Todd Pekel from Greece
Stephen Marcano
Graeme and Sally Abernathy

Richard Mizen
John Mizen

Helen Gilson
Nikos Lemonisdis
Alekos Kokozidis
The Lucas Brothers (just in case they ever form a band)


After the seminar, we did some sightseeing in London.