April 4 to 6, 2011

"The Principles of the Doctrine of Christ"

Matebete Village 2011
The long bus ride from Dar es Salaam to Chimala is the hardest part of the journey.
Evan and I were thankful for our traveling companion.
The outer walls of the new teaching center are complete.
Most of our arrangements for this mission were made by Evelyn Paraboy Kaney.
With Paulo's assistance, Rev Tim taught on the Principles of the Doctrine of Christ

All the participants gather for a photo
Monica Kisota, on the left, was our hostess once again.
Paraboy with a few of his cows
Evan relaxes between events. He taught several times as well.
Monica at work
Evan lending a hand.
As always, he was ready for anything.
Sunday morning at the Lutheran Church, Rev. Paulo Kurupashi presiding.
Tim was invited to give the morning message.
A gathering outside the church after the service
Walking back to Paraboy's house after church.
We always look forward to our walks around the village.

Irene Lobara

A question and answer session with the men.

A question and answer session with the women.
Tim participated in the blessing of a newborn baby.
Tim with the widow and two of the sons of the late Rev. Yohanna Ole Ngekee.
Tim with Simon Oripu
Inside Paulo's house
Tim with Pastor Saileni
Eliakimu Kurupashi and his wives
Evan and Tim sharing a laugh.
Receiving gifts at the farewell ceremony

Receiving gifts at the farewell ceremony
A sign of blessing from our covenant God