October 1-11, 2012


Matebete in the dry season. The glaring sun made us all feel a little overexposed!
Evelyn Paraboy did a brillant job to help organize this event.
Patrick Kinana, President of WTWH-TZ, kept things in order.
Samwel Naikada (R) and Daniel Ole Samperu (L) came all the way from
Masai Mara in Kenya to be part of the class.
Daniel Bucher added his special graces to the class.
Irene Lobara is always a great help to our missions.
Francis uses a traditional trumpet to call students to class.
Samwel served as Tim's interpreter for the class.
Samwel interpreted Tim's presentation into the Maasai language.
Some of the women used the gift of tongues for the first time.
On Sunday we attended services at the Moravian Church in the village
Pastor Francis and his brother
Group picture with Tim
Group picture with Daniel
Family Portrait
Family Portrait
Most village children are terrified by the visitors' white skin, but this baby liked Tim's beard.
Daniel always found a way to have some fun.
The transformation begins...
The Worship and Historical Center is being furnished with local artifacts.
Freda Kisota with a gourd for churning milk
George Ole Oripu

Enita Kisota

Anna Lobara
At the closing ceremonies for the class and mission.
A joyful celebration of song and dance closed out our visit.

Anna Kisota leads the woman's prayer group Korduni, the Maa word "to save."

Mother and daughter
George Ole Oripu and his wife.

Daniel presented Tim with a special gift.

Special recognition for the women who served as cooks for the class.

Daniel and Samwel in Chimala waiting to begin their long trip to Kenya.
Meshack Kurubay has been a friend since my first visit to the village in 2004.
Daniel, Irene, and Tim took the bus to Sokoine for the next part of our mission.