January 12 to 13, 2013

"Mapping the Psalms" at the International Church of Bern

At the ICB

Tim was invited to teach his seminar, "Mapping the Psalms."
Rev. David Mantock, pastor of the International Church of Berne
Looking out the window
The Songservice
(L to R): Bridget, Karolina, and Anne
Rudi Illavský visited from Austria
Daniel and Tresa Bucher
Karolina and Anne
Tim talking with Conrad during a break in class.
Regina and Bridget
Back L to R: Serena, Elmie, and Ezra; Front: Chelsea and Elsa.
David and Beatrice Mantock
Alois and Regina Eggmann
Rudi Illavský

At the Eggmann's house
Tim with the Eggmanns
Tim and Rudi