April 25 to MAY 10, 2013

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The Mission

Getting to the village, and The Ministers' Training Series in Matebete

After flying into Dar es Salaam, I visited friends in Morogoro.
Milka Kisota and family
The guest house at Black White
A nice place to stay if you are ever in town!
I was happy to discover that we'd be driven all the way to Chimala!
The ITO teaching center in Matebete
Use these coordinates to locate it on Google Earth.
Tim with the participants in the WTWH Ministers' Training Course
Irene Lobara, here with her mother Dorcas, served as Tim's interpreter for the class.
Sisters Monica and Freda
Rev and Mrs George Oripu
Nashon Ole N'gekee
All activity came to a stop to mourn the sudden death of our friend Enita Kisota,
here in one of my favorite photos from 2007. Rest in peace, Enita!
Back in the classroom, another nice drawing by Teten Kaney
Rev Saileni Ole Megelali
Coming in for the graduation ceremony
Filling the air with songs of praise to God
Anna Lobara, a true woman of God
ITO Chairman Patrick Kinana
Paraboy Kaney presents Tim with a special gift
The presentation of certificates of completion
Tim and George
Tim with his chief interpreter, Irene Lobara
Beautiful garlands to adorn the new graduates
Such a joyful occasion!
Nashon and Ruthi adorn Peter from Morogoro
Teten is congratulated
Such a lovely smile
The 2013 graduates of the WTWH Ministers' Training Series