April 17 to 26, 2015

"Survey of the Book of Acts"
and Leaders Meetings

You can read Tim's Mission Report HERE

Matebete in April
Such a landscape!
My host China on his pikipiki.
ITO Chairman Patrick Kinana
His wife and son
Eneres and Bwibwi
Sunday at the Church of Christ
Inside the teaching center
Teten Kaney illustrates "The Man, The Lion, The Ox and The Eagle"
With Irene Lobara interpreting, I taught for a week on the Book of Acts
Showing the routes of Paul's missionary travels.
Teten's drawing of Antioch, the center of Christian outreach, and a model for our future work
A time for singing
Daniel from Melela and Raheli from Mwabadaga
Pastor George Ole Oripu with his congregation
The current meeting place for the Baptist church.
At the close of the mission

In this ceremony I was made an elder of the village and no longer only a guest.
Nobody would know I wasn't born here, right?
Ruthi and Irene
Paraboy Kaney
I taught the book of Esther to the women's prayer group.
Sunday morning with the Lutherans

With my pal, Mbawa
The afternoon walks are always enjoyable.

Teten Kaney
Ruthi and Monica

Irene and Mary