October 2022

The ITO Centre behind the meeting tree.
A luscious mango tree.
The Baptist Church founded by the late Rev. George Oripu.
Teaching at the Baptist Church on Sunday morning.
Outside the church on Sunday morning.

The church Evangelist and his wife.
These road signs were new to me. Here is Kurupash Road.
Keshuka Road
Collecting water for the day.
Young girls enjoying a stroll.

After a meeting in the ITO Centre.
Participants in Tim's seminar on the Epistle to the Galatians.
My interpreters, Josh Oripu and Irene Lobara.
Receiving gifts from the students.
Appointing a new chairman for ITO.
Tim with the current and former chairmen of ITO.
New leadership for the men, women, young women and young men.
My friend, Meshak.
Irene Lobara (left) and Evelyn Kaney (right).
Monica with two of her daughters, Evelyn and Nditosidai.
My bedroom at the Paraboy home.
Aprina, Lokordu, Nditosidai, and Alfayo.
Many things have changed in Matebete.
Some things have not!