PART TWO of our April 2023 Mission to Wales and Switzerland.

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Around Siselen

The second part of our mission took place in Siselen, Switzerland.
After a delay in Cardiff, Nelly and I flew to Amsterdam. We had to make a mad dash
to catch our plane to Basel, France. We made the flight, but our suitcase did not.
Alois met us in Basel around 11:30 PM, and drove us to his home in Siselen.
We were in Switzerland from the late evening of 12 April to the morning of the 18th.
We spent Thursday tracking down our suitcase. It was flown from Basel
to Paris and to Zurich, and then driven to Siselen.
Not a bad place to pass the time!
Nelly and Regina at the Eggmann home
Such a lovely garden!
Such delicious treats in Siselen

Our luggage finally arrived on Friday afternoon, and we were free to go out.
We drove to Murten to see the lake and village that share that name.
A spectacular view of the Alps along the way
Regina and Nelly at Lake Murten
The city walls of the medieval town of Murten
The Berntor clock tower dates back to AD 1239.
Nelly and Tim inside Berntor Gate
The town within the walls
A fantastic view of the Old Town from the ramparts

Alois and Regina in the ramparts of Murten

A view of the Deutsche Kirche (German Church) bell tower
Having some fun at the statue of Albert Bitzius (1797 to 1854).
He wrote novels and short stories using the pen name Jeremias Gotthelf.
Here's one way to get in the photo!
Another gorgeous view, this time on the way back to Siselen


Our Swiss adventure continued in Walenstadt