September 2023

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Matebete Village in the dry season.
Laying Shukran to rest.
A time to mourn.
Sofia Kaney readies the class for prayer.
Tim with interpreter Irene and ITO Chairman Mengelali Ole Saileni.
Giving thanks for a good day of meetings.
A new home for the Kinani family.
At the dedication of the new home.
A very thankful family!
A prayer of gratitude.
Everyone is invited inside the new house.
Patrick's wife, youngest child, and his mother.
Tim was given a beautiful hand-crafted shirt and belt, both made by Patrick's wife.
A gift for Irene who oversaw the building project.
After the ceremony
Tim with Paulo Kurupashi and Saning'o Galahenga
Patrick and Sofia give testimonies, with Paulo interpreting.


Video Testimony by Patrick Kinani

Video Testimony by Sofia Kaney