Starting on Thursday, I flew from Baton Rouge to Houston, to Chicago,
to Brusells, to Kigali, and finally to Entebbe, arriving Friday night.
I was hosted by Rev. and Mrs. Henry Musana at their home in Nyanama.
On Saturday I had time to rest and finalize my teachings for Sunday.
On Sunday, I was privileged to teach two services at the
Gospel Extension Ministries Sanctuary in Nyanama.
Henry's wife Maureen served as the interpreter for my message,
"Let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me."
That evening we attended a marvelous show at the Ndere Cultural Centre.
The program featured traditional dances from all across Uganda.
Can you imagine being able to strike a drum this way?
On Monday, Henry took me to see some of the churches he has founded.
We drove from Nyanama to Kawaso.
Barbra Mukisa oversees the work of GEM in Kasawo.
From Kawaso we drove to Kyamagwa.
Baker Bwiiso (in the white shirt) oversees the church in Kyamagwa.
From Kyamagwa we drove to Jinja.
Mary Nabirye oversees the work of GEM Sanctuary Jinja.
From Jinja, we drove to Bulopa.
GEM Sanctuary Bulopa is pastored by John (standing next to Henry).
GEM specializes in ministering to the youth.
From Bulopa, we drove to the village of Mulama.
Paul Mwesigwa (in the striped shirt) oversees the work in Mulama.
At the present time, his church meets under this tree.
From Mulama, we drove to Iganga where I would teach for three days.
Henry and I stayed at the Mum Resort in Iganga.
This house served as a dormitory and, in a tent set up outside, our classroom.
I taught on The Principles of the Doctrine of Christ
Henry served as my interpreter and teaching partner.
The seminar was attended by over 70 pastors and deacons.
The leaders were enthusiastic about future meetings with Henry.
A time for praise and thanksgiving.
A time for prayer.
A time for making new friends.
On Saturday, we were guests of honor at a trade-school graduation.
Henry spoke, and I helped present diplomas to the graduates.
Afterwards we drove to Kireka, arriving late that night.
Sometimes it easy to see who you should follow!
On Sunday morning, I was the guest speaker at the Kireka Church of God.
The service always begins with prayer.
Pastor Mary Kyaligamba
Stella shows her approval as Edith and her mother Sarah sew dresses for my granddaughters.
Marina and Forsyth when I first met them and now.
Sweet girls with beautiful smiles
It is always good to be with my friends in Kireka.
On Monday, I returned to Nyanama for 3 more days of teaching.
Once again, I presented The Principles of the Doctrine of Christ.
Good students make the teacher's job much easier.
I am grateful for the attentiveness of everyone who attended.
I had one final day to enjoy Uganda before I started my journey home.
Henry and Maureen Musana
The Musana family in 2024
I left Uganda early Friday morning. A delay along the way forced an overnight in Houston.
I arrived in Baton Rouge on Saturday to a very welcome sight!