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November 1, 2013

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"And if I never told you
ow much you mean to me
Someday I will show you
And all the world will see
In the middle of forever
In the company of friends
We will meet again"

From the song We Will Meet Again by Pierce Pettis

This lovely lyric holds a special meaning for me lately because we recently lost a precious friend and sister in Christ, Miss Betty Landry, after a courageous and faith-filled battle against cancer. As Evan Pyle said, she was "a picture of the wonderful grace of Jesus." Until the time of our glorious reunion we will all miss her very much.

In 2011, after a personal conversation or a sharing at church (I can't remember), I asked Betty to put down on paper some of the things she'd been talking about. I hoped to publish it in the Vine & Branches magazine but it just never happened. But here it is for your enjoyment and edification, a sharing she titled God is Faithful.

Betty's son-in-law, Reverend Steve Monahan, spoke a lovely eulogy at her memorial service. I felt that reading it would be a blessing to the people who knew Miss Betty, and even to those who did not, so I asked him if I could share it online. I was very pleased that he agreed.

Having my sister Kei along on two trips to Africa this year was a very special treat, not only because I enjoy her company but because she contributed so much to the overall success of the mission. Kei is a person who takes very seriously the admonition of 2 Corinthians 13:5: "Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves." (I, on the other hand, prefer to examine others, whether they are are in faith. Only kidding... I hope!). I am happy to share with you some of Kei's Reflections after she returned home from our latest trip to Uganda.

It is a little hard to believe but on Sunday afternoon I am heading back to the airport for about ten days in Tanzania. As I wrote in my last blog, I want to meet with the Maasai elders of Matebete to discuss how we can make our future work more fruitful. I also want to teach my class, "The Prosperity of the Lord's Servant" which was omitted from the program back in May. I also hope to revisit one of the other villages I've ministered in before. All this is in preparation for the next Minister's Training Series in Matebete in January. I very much hope you will remember us in your prayers.

One more event has been added to our mission calender for 2014. By the mercies and graces of God, I expect to return to the location of our first mission to Africa way back in 2003. I will present my Minister's Training Series from May 19 to 30 in Kyela, Tanzania. Reverend Clement Mwaitebele of the Moravian Church will once again host this event.

I am very excited to tell you that Hellen Namawawu of Uganda (who gave a very lovely testimony after the Minister's Training Series in Kireka) has agreed to start preparing my books for printing in Braille! Not only is Hellen herself sight impaired, but she is a teacher to others facing similar challenges. This is an area of concern very dear to my heart especially because of my friendship with Stephen Marcano of London who is also sight-impaired.

There was a time I believed that "real" faith was proven by a problem-free existance. But as people like Hellen, Stephen, and Miss Betty make so plain, real faith in Jesus is something that is manifest in the midst of troubles. A problem-free life might inspire envy, but real faith inspires us to quit feeling sorry for ourselves and turn our hearts to God.

One final note of interest: This summer I completed my sixth book, Mapping the Psalms. I have not decided yet whether I should publish it as a paperback or simply as an ebook. I do hope this work will enhance your understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of the 150 psalms.

Thanks again for your interest, love, and support,
In the service of His Majesty, the King of kings,


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